Excess noise can cause distraction in commercial spaces, especially in offices and educational facilities with an open-plan layout. To help create acoustic comfort, architects and designers often include materials with sound-absorbing properties in their design of the space. The following acoustic products help to reduce noise without compromising an interior design.


  • An office is a place where professional activities are conducted. An office requires an atmosphere of concentration and dedication. Keeping these factors in mind , offices are constructed with a very formal outlook in mind. Everything is done with precision and there is no unnecessary scope for distraction.

The structure of an office depends largely on the profession concerned. However , the décor of every office is a combination of balance and harmony. The colors used are usually pastel shades. The entire office is designed in such a way that there is scope for interaction and yet everyone has their personal space as well!


  • In retails product display and placement, rush flow, lighting, storage and stocking etc are the important aspect of retails interior design.

In any retail space it is important that your product takes center stage. Throughout our process we work with you to determine how to best display your products and how they should be positioned within your space to maximize exposure and, ultimately, sales.

What kind of partition you need? How much space you necessary and all? Its totally depends on what kind of Retails type you run.

For example, in the above figure, we can see that one is clothes section and other is toy. Space and partitioned done accordingly in the great ratio. Lighting are the most important in making the ambience catchy to the customers. Flooring and ceiling area are in the great combination or complement to each others, which makes the product worthy and especially aesthetically fantastic.

Food Stuff Industry

The impressive interior designing of hotels and restaurant interior design can assist them to attract large numbers of guests. By selecting world class concepts and patterns, we try to enhance the look of interiors and make them more attractive. Moreover, the furniture used by us is selected as per the choices and preferences of the customers. Owing to the creation of comfortable and intimate atmosphere, the services offered by us are widely demanded by the clients.

Restoration Industry

Why do you need to do reinstatement?

Reinstatement is an essential contractual obligation at the end of any lease period when the tenant needs to return the premises to the landlord. The “reinstatement clause” is an integral part of all tenancy agreements, which stipulates that the tenant must reinstate the premises to its original condition at the end of the lease period before handing back the premises to the landlord. This process is usually quite tedious as there are many details which are necessary to comply to restore the premises to the condition when you first moved into it. It is also common that the time frame given is relatively short as the landlord needs the premises ready for the incoming tenant to take over.

Scope of reinstatement works

It is common that every business has its unique and specific requirements especially in terms of space planning and electrical points and will definitely need to do modifications to the existing premises in order to cater for their operational needs. Therefore it is important to know the common components as listed below:

Termination and removal of all electrical cables for lighting points, power points data points, telephone points, air con, sign boards, etc.

Termination and removal of all plumbing inlet, outlet pipes and fittings.

Termination and removal of fire safety systems such as fire sprinkler, etc.

Removal of all furniture items including customized built-in items and loose furniture items.

Removal of all false ceiling and drywall partitions.

Hacking and demolition of block walls, floor tiles wall tiles and any other cement mortar structures.

Removal of all wall and floor finishes such as wallpaper, carpet, vinyl, etc.

Removal of all doors, windows, curtains, blinds, etc.

Restoring all lighting, power points and air con units to their original positions.

Restoring all fire sprinklers to their original positions.

Painting of all walls and ceiling to their original colour.


In short

One of the reasons we became interior designers in the first place was because we love collecting and then putting it all together. But when you’re designing your own house, the hardest thing is to finish it, as you’re always adding your next favourite thing.

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